Asphalt & Concrete Services

Asphalt & ConcreteWhy are we #1 for Asphalt in Escondido CA and the surrounding communities as well as #1 for Concrete in Escondido CA and the surrounding communities?

 We are always intent on doing the work the right way and will always use equipment that will always help us achieve this goal. Each trade has certain equipment they use to get the work done right, we will always make every attempt to use the right tools to do the job right without taking any shortcuts.

With this frame of mind I feel that we can perform as well as anyone and better than most. When we do our work we will always be very thorough. We have pictures of some  jobs we have completed that we want you to look at to see the quality of our work.

We want to have the right equipment on site, because if we do, our crew will have more than enough energy to do the job which will in turn make for a job well done.

Whether we are doing  asphalt or concrete I always take pride in the fact that we have people on the job that have several years experience and there aren’t any situations that they have not encountered  for whatever situations that may arise.



Our asphalt service is a service that sooner or later, everyone will need. 80 percent of all driveways or parking lots are made of asphalt. Asphalt will always need to be installed, repaired or sealed. So my challenge to my customers is to do it right the first time so they don’t have to spend money needlessly.

While earning your future business is important to us it’s more important that the initial job we do will stand the test of time. We have found that using this approach has lead to most of our customers choosing us again the next time they are in need of any asphalt services. We look forward to serving you the next time you require asphalt services and showing you what a high quality job looks like.



Concrete work  is very important because many times you are working concrete  jobs for foundations, patios, swales or driveways you have to get it right the first time because once you put in concrete you cannot patch it or usually repair it like you can asphalt.  Concrete if done right should last a long time with little or no maintenance

When we install  concrete we take great care to be sure that our grades are set right for slope and drainage. We take our time and double check all our measurements to be sure the water will go where we want it to go. We go great lengths to make sure we get it right. We will involve our customers in the process to make sure they are aware of all that is involved so that they are happy with the plan  and happy with the end result. When we leave a job we want to know we covered all details from start to finish.



What is the first thing people see when approaching you residence?  The driveway of course! It’s this reason why we feel it’s important to ensure that all the driveways we pave are of the highest quality for each customer.We feel it’s important to not only the value of your home but the overall appearance as well and we take pride in the work we do. By choosing AAA Paving & Grading the next time you need a driveway paved you can rest assured that you will be presented with the finest driveway available in the industry. Our commitment to our customers is the value of the driveway we provide you will far exceed the cost.



A parking lot is an area that gets a lot of traffic traveling through it on a daily basis. It’s this reason that each parking lot much be properly installed and maintained to ensure the safety of the general public. Call us the next time you need anything related to parking lots and we will ensure the job gets done right the first time, from fixing potholes, to installing proper handicapped striping, to completely overhauling your existing parking lot. We stand by the quality of our work so you have peace of mind regarding public safety on your parking lot.