Paving Services

PavingWhy are we #1 for Paving in Escondido CA and the surrounding communities?

 Our services are important because people need a paving company that they can count on to complete work that is going to last a long time. People cannot afford a do over. People deserve to have the job done right the first time.

I feel our service is superior to the competition  because as an owner operator I will make sure the job is done right  the first time. Another reason is there is no middle man. I can communicate with the customer directly to make sure that I know what they  expect and what they want and I in return can explain the process.

We will always make sure that the equipment we use will be of top quality. We will also use the right equipment that will help us complete the job efficiently  and in a timely manner so we can price the work to benefit all involved.

We will provide  references to guarantee that you are hiring a company  that is trustworthy and completes jobs that are what our customers expect.



We provide a wide range of paving services, from mobile home parks to parking lots to driveways. We pride ourselves in being able to do small patch jobs or sealing jobs as well as paving parking lots. When you call AAA Paving & Grading you can rest assured that the quality of the product and the customer’s satisfaction upon job completion will be our number one priority.



We feel our customer service is top-notch and will go above and beyond to provide to our customers to assist them with making their decision on who to choose for asphalt paving. It’s important to remember with asphalt paving that the smallest details are taken care of so that there will not be any problems in the future requiring costly repairs. By choosing AAA Paving



We ensure our concrete is reinforced properly and that our expansion joints are located in the most stressful areas to ensure the longevity of our installed concrete. Our customers love our concrete paving services because we take the time to ensure they understand the operation and they know exactly what they are getting. We are very transparent in our procedures and the work we are performing with each customer which not only makes them feel involved but comfortable with our service.